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Jeff Chebott headshots March 12, 2013About Jeff Chebott

First of all, I love real estate investing.  For me, it all started after reading the Rich Dad, Poor Dad books.  Until that point, most of my investments were in Mutual Funds, but those books really opened my eyes to the wealth-building potential of real estate.  Unlike Mutual Funds, real estate is something that you can see and touch, and it is an investment that is easy to understand.

Our Mission: Provide exceptional service to support the individual objectives of our Clients, while improving our local community by providing high-quality housing and a positive Landlord and Tenant experience.

When I first started investing in Real Estate, I really had no experience.  I had read a number of books and decided to jump right in and do it.  For me, it was really a trial-and-error process.  I made a tonne of mistakes on my first property, and many more since then.  Sure, this is part of the learning process, but I could have avoided many of the ups and downs if I had someone with experience to guide me.

The difficult part was actually finding someone that had actually been in my shoes.  I was working with a real estate agent and mortgage lender, but they had very little experience in dealing with investors.  I would call this a “fragmented” approach to investing, in that you are dealing with a separate person for each aspect of the transaction.

The main drawback with this type of approach to real estate investing, is that each person only looks at what is relevant to them.  What I needed was an advisor that understood and had experience with all aspects of buying and managing an income property.  An advisor that didn’t just look at one transaction, but looked at each property in terms of your whole portfolio and investment objectives.  I decided to form a company that would offer the type of guidance and support that I had so desperately needed in the early stages of my real estate venture.

What does this mean to you?

My objective with East Vista Management is to provide a full range of services to help new and seasoned investors become the best that they can be.  This includes guiding individuals through the end-to-end process of finding, buying and managing their income property.  I strongly believe in the power of real estate as a means of building personal wealth, and I want to make it easy for other investors to harness this power and improve their financial well-being.

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